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Make the Buzz !

Custom solutions

The So-Buzz team will guide you through the realization of your custom gaming & event applications managed with our Social Media Marketing campaign manager

Cross-Platforms applications

Our applications are compatible with both web and mobile allowing an even better user experience and a long-term fidelization

Application Facebook pour Keep cool
Application Facebook pour Keep Cool

Facebook Applications

Beautiful Facebook applications to engage your community with custom game mechanics

Application Twitter pour Orange le 12eme homme
Application Twitter pour Orange

Twitter Applications

Optimized Twitter applications to engage with your community and automate some of your responses.

Application instagram Wiko
Application Instagram pour Wiko Mobile

Instagram Applications

Customized Instagram applications to create a community of brand’s ambassadors.

Master’App by So-Buzz

Engage, fidelize and reward your fans over the long term

The whole So-Buzz technology is concentrated within the Master’App. From the same back office, it allows you to launch and manage your applications in a collaborative and centralized way, on different social networks, while gathering data on your fans that can be used in your direct marketing operations.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy
on the long term

Connecting with your tools

Connect the Master'App to your own tools, your fidelity programm, your e-commerce website or your cash registers to include the activity of social media, web and mobile, into the global interactions of the customer journey.

True ambassadors

The Master'App knows your ambassadors in order to make a real and solid policy of loyalty and valorisation.

Operationnal Datas

The Master'App collects data continuously. At each of your operations, it refreshes and becomes richer to be usable in your direct marketing operations.
Manager pour campagne social media marketing

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