Animate your Facebook page!

With our Quizz applications

Animate your Facebook page with a quizz! Ask questions to your fans and generate traffic on your website by hiding clues in it.

Marketing objectives :

  • Animate your community and gain new fans.
  • Create traffic on your website thanks to hidden clues.
  • Turn your users into qualified contacts by harvesting opt-in data

How does it works?

  • Display the questions as a slider if you like.
  • Decide whether the questions follow a fixed or random order
  • Illustrate your questions about an image or a Youtube video.
  • Choose time to answer questions
  • Determine whether all questions appear at once or if they appear one page at a time.
  • Add an index button that redirects players to your website.
  • Export user’s responses with one click.
  • Organize a random draw among players with 100% correct answers.
  • Push your fans to challenge their Facebook friends to get them to participate.

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