Make your community more dynamic

with our creative tweets contest

Engage your community by offering them to create content around your brand and occupy space on Twitter.

Marketing Objectives:

  • Bring your brand to Twitter
  • Engage and Involve Your Community
  • Gain new subscribers
  • Reward the commitment of your followers.

How does it works ?

  • All tweets that mention your Twitter account and / or that integrate the #hashtag of your operation will be automatically retrieved and displayed on our Manager who serves as backoffice to drive your operation.
  • In order to validate the participation of each user, a reply tweet or a private message (DM) can be sent automatically.
  • A site dedicated to your operation is at your disposal to put your contest in a context and explain to your followers the mechanics of the contest and the prizes to be won. You will thus be freed from the limit of 140 characters of a tweet.
  • To determine the winners, a random draw can be done directly from our Manager with a single click.

→ Take a look at our twitter applications

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