When digital rhyme with environmental

The global performance of a company is not only based on the economic aspect but also on social, societals and environmentals aspects.

In 2020, we have chosen to initiate a reflection to implement actions allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are the most importants actions we have already made. (The list will be updated as we progress).

Appointment of So-Buzz’s planet referent

Stéphane and Alexandre form our pair of “Pirates Planète” in charge of collecting ideas from all the team, prioritizing them and implementing the actions decided by the team.

Do you have any friendly environnemental ideas for them ?

Travels without CO2 emissions

One of our first actions was to replace our internal combustion engine company car with an electric car.
Even if we are aware that the manufacture of an electric car, and in particular its battery, emits more CO2 than the manufacture of an internal combustion engine car, we intend to counterbalance this gap with the number of trips.
All trips that cannot be done by car, the train is always privileged to the plane.

Green electricity consumption

At So-Buzz, we have chosen a truly green electricity supplier

Plum is one of the greenest electricity suppliers in the Greenpeace rank, sourcing 100 % of its energy from renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar power.
Thus, all our electricity consumption, including the recharging of our electric car, is guaranteed “EVOC” (Green Electricity with Controlled Origin).