Our #SoBuzzTeam !

So-Buzz is a team of web lovers combining complementary skills in development, marketing and communication.


Alexandre Durain

Web businessman since 1996 and in social media since 2008, interested about self-management #Holacracy #Opale I hope that the digital revolution will change the world.

More than ever, I believe that our world is a conversation and that humans are through social media, the biggest media of 21 st century.

I believe that the 4th revolution is in progress and it will concern our abilities to live together, in harmony with our ecosystem.

Co-founder and CEO

Stéphane Boyer

Stephane is one of the founders of So-Buzz. Software engineer, he co-founded So-Buzz in 2011 in order to help companies to generate business thanks to social media by developing innovative and efficient solutions.
Business Developer

Ugo Jaulent

After entrepreneurial experiences in the field of sport and digital, Ugo has joined So-Buzz in 2019 as a business developer. He is always available to advise and support you in the realization of effective digital activations.
Project Manager

Guillaume Rouyer

Project Manager and WebDesign Manager at So-Buzz. It’s our OM Ultra supporter of the team. He will always be there to help you in the success of your project. At least as much as to support OM !
Web Developer

Stéphane Lavigne

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